Sunday, February 24, 2019

Lip and Brow Hair Removal

From creating fabulous eyebrows that frame your beautiful eyes to removing stray hair or peachfuzz from any other part of the face, Nufree hair removal is a great solution for unwanted hair.

Waxing appointments don’t take long (less than 30 minutes) and typical results last 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the client and the area treated. And while waxing does not remove hair permanently, you will notice that hair re-growth is diminished after several waxing sessions — plus it costs less than other treatments such as electrolysis or laser hair removal.

We offer a selection of the finest waxes available for even the most sensitive skin types.

Lip and Brow Waxing at a Glance

  • Treatment For: Unwanted facial hair
  • Expected Result: Smooth, hair free
  • Treatment Time: Less than 30 minutes
  • Recovery: No down time
  • For Best Result: Minimize sun exposure

How Does Lip and Brow Waxing Work?

Waxing removes unwanted hair from the follicle. Waxing can be applied very precisely so that brows can be shaped quickly rather than the long and tedious removal of each hair from tweezing. Because the hair is removed from the follicle instead of shaved off, the hair is soft as it grows back preventing any unwanted “stubble” feel.

What Does Lip and Brow Waxing Treat?

Waxing is a smart solution for removing visible hair from the eyebrows and lip area.
What Are Lip and Brow Waxing Treatments Like?
Lip and Brow treatments are relaxing, refreshing, and best of all: quick! You will sit back and relax as warm, thick wax is applied to the brows and/or lip area. Once the wax has cooled it is removed very quickly, and with it comes the unwanted hair. No harm is done to the skin.

Does It Hurt and What Can Go Wrong?

Waxing is a quick and easy treatment for unwanted hair and has virtually no side effects or potential risks. Waxing can hurt for a second as the cooled wax is removed, but the discomfort in minimal and doesn’t last long. Some patients experience a redness in the area treated, but this typically goes away in 15 minutes, though some people will remain a little pink for several hours.

What should I expect from Lip and Brow Waxing Treatment?

Lip and Brow Waxing treatments will leave your skin smooth and free of unwanted hair. After your initial session you may notice a little bit of regrowth afterwards, however this will greatly diminish after each treatment. Also, the length of time between treatments will become longer after several sessions. Most results last 3 to 6 weeks.


  • People taking Accutane cannot have waxing treatments
  • If you take Retin-A, Renova or other AHAs, stop their use at least 48 hours before treatment
  • If you need to use a pain reliever before your appointment, don’t use aspirin
  • Minimize your exposure to the sun – sunburned skin can’t be treated

For best results

  • Unwanted hair should be 1/8 to 1/4 inch long
  • Don’t use lotion before your treatment
  • Use a gentle scrub daily for a few days before your appointment for even better results
  • Limit sun exposure after your treatment

For more information about Lip and Brow Waxing, we encourage you to call to schedule an in-office consultation.