Sunday, February 24, 2019

Eyelash Perms in Chicago

Eyelash Perming in Chicago

Eyelash Perm

The days of the eyelash curler are over.
Most women within our current society are busy women. Some women are literally becoming more interested in eyelash perming. This procedure can save you time in your daily makeup routine.

The eyelash perming procedure can make your eyes seem wider.

This procedure is very popular with women who have straight lashes. Eyelash perming does not make your lashes neither darker nor longer.

The Eyelash Perm: Up to Three Months of Shape and Definition

I would highly recommend the first time to get a semi-permanent eyelash perming procedure, this way you can get a little taste for it and you will be able to determine if you want to have this performed permanently.

Before techniques such as eyelash perms were available, women had to rely on lash curlers in creating the look they craved. Eye perming is basically new and has gained in popularity. The eyelash curler made its debut back in the twenties and thirties. Over time, this curler has evolved into a product of its own.

Women typically utilize this curler while adding mascara onto their curled lashes to enhance the appearance of their lashes.

You must understand that over a period of time, placing mascara on your eyelashes along with curling them every morning takes serious time out of your day and night and this is where eye perming might prove beneficial for anyone who simply does not have a lot of time to spare in getting ready.

Eyelash perms last approximately up to three months. When the permed lashes fall out, they are replaced by straight lashes and the effect of the perming disappears. The process entails lying down while closing your eyes as your lashes are literally wrapped with a thin roller. Gauze is then placed onto the under-eye area as a protective measure. Perming solutions is administered onto your lashes.

Women are not the only clients of this particular procedure; men have caught onto the charming effect of this procedure as well.

You should not attempt this procedure by yourself or on anyone else, if you are not a professional. The do-it-yourself perming kits are being sold for home use however, you are seriously placing your health or someone’s else’s health at risk in performing this procedure without being certified.