Saturday, March 23, 2019

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Consultations are $50 for 30 minutes. If you elect to have the procedure with us on the same day of the consultation, this fee will be credited towards your total cost of the permanent makeup.

Service Price List:

Permanent Makeup

Note: Prices in this page are for the initial procedure. If a touch up is required after this first appointment an additional fee is charged.

We only use the finest pigments available. Even though we combine this with the most advanced application techniques for our permanent makeup procedures, some of these procedures need to be repeated because the original application can fade anywhere from 25% to 50%.

We cannot predict how much fading you might experience with your procedure and we sincerely hope you are one of those lucky individuals who get perfect results with only one application , but this cannot be guaranteed.

Prices quoted on this page are for the original permanent makeup procedure, in case your procedure must be repeated, we must wait a minimum of 21 days before a second treatment is performed, as the tissue is not ready to absorb the pigment.

  • Touch-ups are half of the price paid for the original procedure.
  • Patch tests are available upon request at an additional cost.