Sunday, February 24, 2019

Permanent Makeup – Eyelash Enhancement

Chicago Eyelash Enhancement by Sandra Casanova

Chicago Eyelash Enhancement

Define Your Eyes, Define Your Personality
If you’ve always envied those women with naturally thick, long and beautiful lashes then semi-permanent lash enhancements are for you!

Eyelash enhancement can dramatically define your eyes, creating great looks that are long-lasting and always perfect. It is the most perfect treatment for anyone who wants to enhance the appearance of their eyes, but maintain a more natural look. There are two simple procedures for achieving the gorgeous eyes.

The first treatment is applied as a row of tiny dots along the lash line, creating the illusion of a thick row of lash hair without the appearance of eye liner; and the second treatment is the eyelash extensions.

Emphasize Your Eyes

Eyelash enhancement can make small eyes look bigger and emphasizes your eye colour.

Just one procedure and you will have stunning, hassle-free eye make-up that will last for several years. You will be able to enjoy showering, swimming, exercising and other daily activities without the worry of re-applying your make-up.

Or you may love the second technique that is eyelash extensions.

Lash extensions are undeniably sexy, sensual and incredibly natural looking. Lash extensions are weightless, feel and look like real lashes. They are perfect for anyone who wants longer, thicker, more defined eyelashes. The process is a semi-permanent one and involves the professional adhering of a synthetic lash to each individual lash of your own. The eyelashes are attached one at a time and will not damage your natural eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions can give your lashes much more length and depth. With eyelash extensions you no longer need to use mascara. These lashes look natural as opposed to easy to detect fake-looking strip lashes. Only your heart knows that your new lashes are not your own and these feather weight lashes are extremely comfortable to wear. They will feel natural during the day and evening.